Wedding Candles: Centerpieces And Décor


It is vital that you envelop romantic wedding candles into your ceremony, as much as possible. Just know that lit candles can alter the mood to perfection. There are so many ways that you can utilize the candle and below you will discover innumerable tips on how to create centerpieces and décor, by utilizing the candle.

What to Consider When Using Wedding Candles

Everyone loves the romantic vibe and shape of candles and this is why they are a favorite décor at most weddings. However, did you know that when you are utilizing candles, you are literally playing with fire? Below you are going to learn some important tips about using wedding candles.

Although, scented candles are a favorite, in many households, you really need to be careful, if you plan on using them at a wedding. You do not want to place scented candles where there is going to be food and beverages. The reason for this is because the scent can mix with the food and cause a sickening aroma. Plus, no one wants to get a burst of vanilla up their nose, before taking a bit of their delicious steak.

Many people are not aware of this little fact, but if you take advantage of soy or beeswax candles, you are actually going to improve the air quality around you.

Many people like to hang candles outside or use them light up a walkway. However, this could be a mistake, because you always have to remember that these candles are holding an actual flame. If they accidentally get knocked over, you could have a fire hazard on your hands. This does not mean that you cannot use candles for these purposes. A good alternative is taking advantage of battery-operated candles. This will leave you one less thing to worry about.

Always check with your wedding venue manager, before you go out and spend money on candles, because in some states, they require a fire permit. Some venues may not even let you use live candles. You will want to keep this information in mind before you commit to utilizing wedding candles.

When it comes to using candles at an outside venue, this can potentially prove to be a real problem, because the wind may blow them out. One good way to avoid this is by placing them in a deep container like a Mason jar or lantern. You also have the option of taking advantage of battery-operated candles, in a situation like this.

Wood and polyester fabric tend to burn at a high rate. If you are going to be placing your candles on a wood table covered in polyester fabric, it is imperative that you make sure the candle has a proper base. You don’t want your special day ruined because a table caught on fire.

If you plan on using candle décor at your wedding, it is always best to make sure that you have a long neck lighter. Something like a grill lighter will work just fine. It is also very important for you to know how long the candles will burn. If your ceremony is going to extend longer than the burning life of the candles, then you might want to dedicate a member of your wedding party to replace the candles, as needed. It is even possible that one of the venue employees could complete this task for you.

When using candles as a centerpiece it is always unique to mix it up a bit, by using different sizes and shapes. Always remember that odd numbers tend to work best.

Children can be curious and get into things that they are not supposed to. If there are going to be lots of children attending the wedding, you may want to consider using battery operated candles, just to avoid any potential hazards.

Floating Candles

OH, the floating candle is just an extraordinary item, because it can be used to transform any wedding centerpiece into a work of art. There are so many things that you can do with the floating candle. Incorporate them into the table décor, toss them into ponds, and utilize them for lighting dark areas of the reception hall. Remember that a floating can truly float and that is what makes them so useful and unique.

To create a floating candle display, you will need several different sized cylinder vases, water gel, shredded metallic grass or flakes, and of course the floating candle. Just mix the water gel with water, until you have an extremely thin consistency (like water). Place 4-8 strands of metallic grass into the water gel, but do not add too much, because you want it to appear, as if it is floating. Place the floating candle on top of the water gel and you will be ready to set your beautiful centerpiece onto the reception tables.

You can add a mirror or LED pin spot to the display, so that everyone will be blown away by your creativity.

Candles for Aisle Lighting

Trying to achieve the perfect mood lighting can be a difficult chore. Not if you envelop wedding candles into the theme. They can be placed along the venue aisle, so the bride will be able to make her way down the pathway, without mishap. You may want to utilize several different sized candles for this display, so that everything will look beautiful and unique. You actually do not need to light every candle. As a matter of fact, you should only light the small and medium sized ones.

You can carve out the center of the large candle and place a floral arrangement that replicates the bridal bouquet into its center. Arrange the candles so they are spread out in a uniformed exhibition.

If you choose to go this route, be sure to leave room for the guests to enter and exit their pews, without difficulty.

Unity Candles

The lighting of the unity candle is a special tradition that must be carried on, by you and your significant other. This is a great opportunity for the bride and groom’s mother to feel special, by taking part in the ceremony. The unity candle should be displayed on a white table, so that everyone will have easy access and visibility to it. A fold-up table will work perfectly, because it can easily be moved, after the rite has been completed.

Each mother will approach the table and light a tapered candle. Then the bride and groom will approach and light the center candle, with the tapered candles. This will unify their marriage and family.

How to Decorate With Wedding Candles

Just about every bride is going to want use lots of candles for her wedding. Candles can really set a romantic mood that will get all the guests in the mood to celebrate, relax, and have fun. Here are some tips to help you, if you plan on using wedding candles.

The first key element to using candles at a wedding is using lots of them. You can easily create several candle displays for your wedding reception tables. Align them in a row, arrange them from largest to smallest, or place them in a circular pattern, so that every guest will be able to enjoy their glowing light.

Do not be afraid to use different types of candles. For instance, use votive, multi-colors, and tapered candles. By taking advantage of different sizes and shapes, you are going to really be making a unique statement.

Paper Covered Glass Candle holder

Candles are great for wedding décor, although it can be rather expensive to go out and buy hundreds of different unique candles. If you are looking to save yourself a little money here is a cost effective DIY project that you can take advantage of.

First thing you are going to have to do is visit your local craft store and purchase tall white candles in glass containers. These can be bought for an affordable price, possibly around a dollar a piece. These would work fine on their own, however, with just a little something extra you can make them even more special.

You are now going to need tissue paper. You can select any color, design, or pattern of tissue you want to use for this project, but stay within your wedding theme and color scheme. You simply want to tear the tissue paper into piece and secure it to your candle holders with school glue. You will continue this process until your candle holders are completely covered in tissue paper.

It is wise to use caution, when you are using wedding candles. They do produce a fiery flame, so be sure to keep them out of reach of children and away from congested areas. Of course, a wedding would not be a wedding, without them. You can always place the wedding candle centerpiece on platters, mirrors, and glass, so they do not come into contact with fabric.