Tree Wedding Centerpieces Can Add An Earthy Elegance To Your Wedding


Are you currently planning an outdoor wedding? If this is the case, I suggest that you take the time to check out various tree wedding centerpieces. This will give you the ability to incorporate the earth into your centerpiece, which will work well for outdoor and fall weddings. Remember that trees can be absolutely adorable, when they’re used in the right manner. Below, you will learn everything you need to know about pulling off this type of wedding centerpiece successfully.

Create a Wishing Tree

If you want to design and build interactive tree wedding centerpieces, it is possible to do so and have fun, during the process. Of course, you’ll need to be a little bit creative and crafty. Creating a wishing tree is an excellent option and will ensure that your guests interact with the tree. Have you ever heard of this type of item? Well, a wishing tree is a decorative tree, which holds little ornaments.

After you’ve gotten a nice little tree, which can easily be purchased online, you will want to begin building your wishes. What do you need? Not much at all! Grab yourself a few pieces of paper and scissors. All you need to do is cut little slivers of paper and attach of them to a piece of twine. After this is done, you can put all of these wishes inside of an envelope. When your guests attend your wedding, they’ll be able to approach this item, grab a piece of paper, write down their wish, and hang it on your wishing tree!

Remember that it is entirely possible to purchase all of these items online. Either way, this decorative little item can be very cool and exciting. Once the wedding is over, you’ll be eager to collect all of the wishes and read them!

The White Branch Centerpiece

Remember that there are many different ways to incorporate trees into your centerpiece! You don’t have to have an entire tree. Instead, it is possible to pull it off, with some branches! This one can be as big or tiny, as you wish. Therefore, you will need to know exactly what you want, before you get started. This will help to assure that you make the right purchases!

Once you’ve gotten a size specification down, you will want to find some branches! It is possible to purchase white branches, but some people would rather save money. If this is something that rings true with you, it is possible to create your own white branches. Just head out into the woods and collect some branches. In most cases, this shouldn’t be overly difficult. After you’ve got these, you’ll want to spray paint them white. In order to get them the right color and completely cover up the brown wood, you might need to apply more than a single coat of paint.

After you’ve gotten the right shade of white, you will want to find something to hold your branches. Depending on the size of your branches, you can use anything from mason jars to trumpet vases. You can also add a floral arrangement to the top of the vase and allow the branches to flow freely about. If you want to take this centerpiece even further, you will be able to attach LED lights to the branches. This will make them shine throughout the venue! For a more modern touch, you can also use white water beads in the bottom of the vase! Either way, if you play around enough, you will be able to put this together in a way that completely satisfies you and your partner.

Handcrafted Wooden Box Floral Centerpiece

If you are looking for tree wedding centerpieces, you will definitely find the handcrafted wooden box floral idea intriguing, because it is a one-of-a-kind. You will need to start by collecting your supplies.

• Wooden vine twigs (6’ in length)
• Ferns
• Red roses
• Yellow daisies
• Staple gun (you can use small nails and a hammer, if you do not have access to a staple gun)
• Wood glue
• Green floral foam
• Old wooden slats (make sure they are about 4-5” in width and you will need 4 of these cut to the same size)
Now you are ready to start assembling the handcrafted box. Cut the slats to about 12” L x 4-5” W and then cut a bottom for the box, you can obtain your measurements after you glue and staple the 4 slats together. Just place a scrap piece of wood underneath the box and draw a straight line, where it will fit flush. Go ahead and glue it to the box and then follow up with stapling it securely together.

Once you have this step complete, you can go ahead and cut 2 pieces of floral foam to fit into the box, you should not need to tape them to the box, because it will not move around. Start filling the foam with the flowers and then place about 6 vine twigs in the middle of them. Your antiquity handcrafted wooden box floral centerpiece is complete. Sit it on your reception tables and add some black and white photos to the arrangement. This will surely amaze your guests to no end.

Create A Tree Full of Pictures

Some couples are interested in creating beautiful tree wedding centerpieces that will show off their personality. Everyone knows that there is no better way to do this than by using pictures! Of course, you’ll first need to find an item that will be able to hold all of your pictures. Sure, you could use individual picture frames, but this wouldn’t be any fun. Instead, you’ll want to consider purchasing or making a tree of sorts. As long as the tree is fairly sturdy, it will work. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and styles, until you find something that suits your fancy.

After this, you will need to collect some pictures. It is vital to make sure that the pictures will be able to hang from your tree in a beautiful manner. You can also use frames, but they’re not necessary. Be sure to hang your pictures all over the tree, after it has been placed in the center of the table! This will create a beautiful and personal centerpiece that all of your guests will be eager to examine more closely.

Simple Tree Branch with Candle Centerpiece

Now if you are looking for a very affordable centerpiece idea and having a fall wedding, you will love this great easy-to-do plan. Of course, you are overwhelmed with all the tasks that lay ahead and are hesitating about committing to a DIY project, but this one will only require about 15 minutes of your time and it will look marvelous on any picnic table.

You should cut your tree branches about 1 month prior to your wedding day, because you want to give them time to completely dry. Now you will need about 4 branches to each vase, so take the time to calculate this up, before you do any branch cutting. The branches should have a diameter of about ½-1 inch, if you have difficulty finding this size, you can just substitute them with smaller branches, but this will mean that you will need to double up the number of branches.

You will also need some flowers for this project and you make up your mind to which flower species, you want to use. Three hanging clear glass votive candle holders and candles will also be needed, but make sure that you use the same colored candles, as your flowers, so the look will be uniformed. One 24” clear glass cylinder vase is needed for each centerpiece, as well.

Let’s get started assembling your centerpieces, by placing 4 branches into the vase, but make sure they are about 4-5’ higher than the lip of the vase. Pour in 2-3 cups of tap water into the vase and arrange your flowers all the way around the branches and in the middle, as well. You want to make sure that you add enough water to suffice your flowers, because you do not want them to dry out and become droopy.

Hang the candle holders on the branches and your simple tree branch centerpieces will be complete. If the branches make the vase tilt, you may need to tape it to the table with clear commercial grade tape.