Rustic Wedding Centerpieces: Elegance, Nostalgia and Beauty All in One


When attempting to plan your upcoming wedding, there are numerous things that need to be checked off your planning list! Choosing your rustic wedding centerpieces is undoubtedly one of the most complicated. Why is this the case? Well, all brides and grooms want to ensure that their venues are absolutely stunning and decorated with the most beautiful and lavish centerpieces. As a centralized display, this item deserves a little more recognition than the rest! What do you need to know to succeed? Below, you will learn!

What is rustic?

First and foremost, you should take the time to learn about rustic! What exactly is this phrase and will it be able to accommodate your wedding beautifully? According to modern dictionaries, rustic could mean anything from simple and plain to relating to the country or countryside. When these facts are combined, you get centerpieces that relate to the country and are entirely simple. So, will they fit into your upcoming wedding?

Well, these types of centerpieces can ultimately be used for any wedding theme, as long as you like the finalized display. Still, they tend to fit better with specific themes, such as outdoor, earthy weddings and country weddings. For fall weddings, these decorative centerpieces will work exceptionally well too!

Why Rustic Wedding Centerpieces?

At this point, you’ve learned all about these centerpieces. They probably already sound like a good idea, but why would you want to use them for your wedding? Truthfully, there are a number of different reasons. First and foremost, these items are incredibly beautiful and very versatile. As mentioned above, they can work excellently with an assortment of different weddings.

In the same sense, it is possible to pull off these centerpieces without a lot of work, or at least some of them anyway. By collecting a few simple items that fit the rustic mold, you will be able to throw together the centerpiece quite effortlessly, but this isn’t all! The majority of the items that can work together in these centerpieces can actually be obtained outside of your home! Yep! You’ll be able to walk right outside, pick up a pinecone and use it for your centerpiece.

With this in mind, rustic wedding centerpieces are effortless, affordable and stunning. Do you really need more reasons to use these centerpieces for your wedding?

Consider a Log Base

There is no doubt that wood and earthy items should be incorporated into this type of wedding centerpiece. There is nothing better to fit this model than a nice big old sliver of wood. First though, you’ll need to get your hands on a log. Although it is possible to purchase these items online, you do not have to! Instead, you can head outside and find a fallen tree. If you’ve got a chainsaw or know someone that does, you’ll be able to obtain the item for free! Of course, if you take this route, you will need to clean the wood thoroughly to ensure that it is free of saw dust and debris.

What you can actually do with the item will depend on how big the log is. If you have a fairly big log, you will be able to use it as your base. This is an excellent option and can help to elevate your centerpiece from the table and make it much more attractive. Still, there are other ways to use the item. In fact, you might be able to bore out of the center and use it as a candle holder. Anything is possible, as long as you’ve got the right log for the job!

Turning Mason Jars Into Rustic Candle holders

Masons jars are entirely versatile and can be used for almost anything and everything. With this in mind, you will definitely want to collect and use mason jars for your upcoming wedding. With these items, you will be able to create some very adorable rustic candle holders that will work well within your centerpiece. Mason jars can be purchased affordably almost anywhere. Once you’ve gotten your hands on them, most of the work has already been completed.

After this, you will want to get yourself some nice brown twine. Once you’ve gotten this item, you will be able to simply wrap the twine around the mason jars and you’re pretty much done. Of course, you’ll want to make sure to top it off with a nice flower arrangement at the top. Be sure to stick with white blooms, since they’ll match the rest of the items the best!

Create a Branch Candle holder

Remember that there is plenty of rustic decorations that can be made form the comfort of your own home. Many of the necessary items can be obtained right outside, if you live in a rural area! With this in mind, you should consider creating your very own branch candle holders. Almost everyone will be able to walk outside or drive to a wooded area and grab a handful of branches. You won’t need very big ones, but you should make sure to grab quite a few of them! By obtaining more, you will be able to create more candle holders.

So, what do you need to do, once you’ve gotten these items? Well, you’ll want to find a nice votive candle holder or something or similar size. Mason jars will work too, if your branches are long enough. Be sure to position the branches all around the glass and tie them in place, by using some sort of string or twine! Since it can be a little difficult to hold all of the branches in place, you might need a helping hand.

After this, you will be able to add your candle, put it in the center of your table and set it alight. This type of rustic decoration will work beautifully for fall and earthy weddings!

Spooky Tree Floral Centerpiece

Neat little rustic wedding centerpieces idea is the spooky tree floral. Believe it or not, this centerpiece will fit perfectly into a fall, country, or outdoor wedding. Of course, you may need to make some adjustments on the types of floral that you utilize, but other than that this is a wonderful décor that will transform any wedding venue into a marvelous environment.

Some items that you will need for this project includes:

• 3” Tree branch (you can cut this from any oak or maple tree, but allow it to dry out, before you start assembling it)
• 2 Votive candle holders with hangers
• 2 White tea light candles
• Orange roses
• Baby’s breath
• Dried lotus pods
• Yellow inula flowers (or yellow daisies)
• 6” Square metal vase (you can switch this out, if you difficulty finding a metal pot)
• Brown oil based spray paint
• Green floral foam
• Green floral tape
Again try to cut your tree branch about 1 month prior to your wedding day, so it will have time to dry completely out. The first step of this project is to paint the pot with the spray paint and while it is drying, you can cut the floral foam to fit into it. Once you have the floral foam cut and the pot is dried, you will just simply put the foam into it and then tape it securely.

Start filling the outer portion of the foam with the flowers and dried lotus pods, but make the arrangement uniformed. Leave the middle untouched, because this is where the branch will be placed. Make sure that you fill the arrangement full of flowers, because you want it to help support the branch.

Now you may need to do a bit of tree trimming to achieve the look that is appropriate for this arrangement and then place it into the pot. Hang the votive candles on the branches and you will have completed your spooky tree floral centerpiece.


Although there are many different centerpieces to use, I highly recommend sticking with rustic wedding centerpieces, if you’re going to be hosting a fall or outdoor wedding. With these types of centerpieces, you will be able to incorporate the earth into the display, which will pull everything together and match your theme perfectly!