Beach Wedding Favors: Ideas That Work Perfectly For Beach Themes


Are you currently planning a beach wedding? If this is the case, you will want to consider using beach wedding favors! With these particular types of favors, you can guarantee that your favors will be perfectly geared towards your wedding. What items work well in this type of situation? Within this guide, you will be able to discover ideas, tips and examples that will be able to help guide you in the right direction!

What To Know About Beach Weddings

Before you begin getting into the different types of beach wedding favors, it is essential to know a little about beach weddings! These weddings are much different from others. They’re typically much more laid back and more casual. In this type of atmosphere, you don’t have to worry about wearing the most traditional clothing and dresses. In the same sense, your favors do not have to be entirely formal. Of course, you should remember that beach weddings are going to place everyone outside in the hot sun! With this in mind, you should think about catering your favors to the atmosphere and weather.


Since your wedding is going to be held outside in the hot sun, you will want to make sure that your guests remain comfortable throughout. When outside in the sun, your guests are likely going to need to shield their eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Although a few of these individuals were likely intuitive enough to bring their own pair of sunglasses, most probably did not. With this in mind, you will want to provide them with everything they need! A good way to do this is to give your guests sunglasses, as wedding favors.

Remember that you don’t have to give them ordinary glasses. Instead, it is possible to personalize the glasses. If you wish to make them extraordinary, you will want to consider choosing this option! With a little customization, you can add a little personality to the glasses. Words and phrases can be added to the exterior to ensure that your guests never forget this wonderful day!

Customized Koozie

The soda can Koozie is definitely a great favor idea. You would be totally surprised with how beneficial these items are, because they can keep your canned beverages cold for a specific amount of time.
The Koozie is also collapsible, so it will fit into any camping gear, beach bag, or shoulder tote. Your guests will always have easy access to their Koozie, because it is very small and compact. You will have the option of several imprints to select from, so you can customize them with the couple’s name, wedding date, and venue location or you can select a romantic quote, instead.
You can choose from pink or green, so you can mix them or up or not. Order your Koozies early, so they arrive in plenty of time, before your wedding date. Place them in gift bags, before you give them to your guests, because you want them to be absolutely perfect.

Sun Tan Lotion

When forcing your loved ones to endure the hot sun and its rays, you will want to make sure that they’re fully protected! One way to do this is to make sure that your guests have the sun tan lotion needed to protect their skin! This is something that will be very practical and useful. If your guests forgot to bring their lotion, you will be able guarantee that they have some with your favor selection.
Of course, you can take this favor one step further, by customizing the bottle. It is entirely acceptable to put the lotion into customized bottles, which will expand your options significantly. Although this might increase the price a bit, it is definitely worth it to show your guests how much you appreciate them coming to your wedding.

Beach Themed Candles

If you want to give your guests candles, you can still do so, despite hosting an outdoor beach wedding. Of course, you’ll need to take a few extra steps to ensure that your candles are suitable as beach wedding favors. This isn’t too difficult, but it might cost a little bit more and could be a tad bit more time consuming. When selecting candles for your beach wedding, you will want to make sure to select items that feature beach related figures, such as boats and seashells. These candles will prove to be very cherished! Your guests will absolutely love them and you can guarantee that they’ll use them, after they head home.

Live Flower Favors

If you want to give your guests a gift that will last a lifetime, you should give them a live flower. This plant can be transferred to any garden or pot. If you select this favor option, you should be sure to provide your guests with a short instructional guide. This will show them how to properly care and transplant the flower to another location, so that it will survive a lifetime.
You will have innumerable plants to select from including the crassulas, kalanchoes, and haworthias. These unique flower species will definitely fit into any backyard or floral garden perfectly. Of course, for those guests that reside in an apartment complex, they will have the option of transplanting it into a large pot, so they can sit in on the window seal.
You should order the plants for your local nursery and wrap the plastic container in burlap sack. This will beautify your favors, so they will look more aesthetically appealing. Hang a personalized gift tag to one of the petals, before you give them to your guests, so they will be reminded of your generosity.


Sandals are a must for any beach visit. If you plan on hosting a beach wedding, then sandals will make a perfect wedding favor. Your guests will be able to jump out of those uncomfortable shoes and hop in those comfy sandals to enjoy the sand and sun. You can get black sandals for the men and white for the women. You can even include a little personalized message on them such as, “just married”. However, you should always remember, when giving a gift like this you must get the shoe size for the guests ahead of time.

Single Use Beach Camera

Is there any better way to capture memories than by taking photos? If you are planning a beach wedding, then a single use beach camera will make the perfect wedding favor. Your guests will be able to snap tons of memorable photos. You don’t even have to worry about the camera getting damaged, because it will be able to stand up to the harsh environment of the beach.

Bride and Groom Frisbee

Tossing the Frisbee about on the beach is a great way to get your guests excited. The Frisbee makes a great beach wedding favor and you can even have it personalized with a picture of a bride and groom. The kids are really going to enjoy this type of favor.


When hosting a beach wedding, you will want to make sure that everything matches the atmosphere and theme. Beach wedding favors will ensure that this happens! Be sure to explore the options above and choose one of the items that will put a smile on the faces of all of your guests.