Decorating Your Wedding With Underwater LED Lights


Your wedding is one of the most sacred and memorable times of your entire life! Even twenty or thirty years after this big day, the moment will live on and will be forever remembered. Suffice to say, there are numerous things that need to work in conjunction, in order for your wedding to go off, without a hitch. Planning ahead and choosing the appropriate decorations is essential for your wedding’s beautification. Still, each wedding is different, since each couple will have something different in mind. Underwater LED lights are an excellent way to decorate and can add a tinge of modernism to your venue. Below, you will learn all about these lights.

What Are They?

Most individuals have experienced the beauty of LED lights. In fact, they’re often used to decorate during the holidays. Almost everyone puts up these decorations around their home, during Christmas. Of course, underwater LED lights are a little bit different. They’re capable of being submersed under water. Other than that, the light emitting diode, or LED, is still present and is responsible for emitting the light. Of course, wedding couples do not need to understand the interworking components of these decorations. They’re beautiful and available in different shapes, sizes and colors, which is enough to make them suitable for all of your wedding’s needs.

Where To Buy

Before you can get your hands on a sufficient number of LED lights, you’ll need to explore the different retailers, which stock these items. Unsurprisingly, they’re readily available. Make sure that you explore all of the retailers in your vicinity, before you take to the Internet. There is no doubt that the Internet is a wonderful way to get the items you need, but you’ll have to account for shipping and handling, which can increase time and costs. Therefore, you are sometimes better off to purchase the lights from a local retailer.

Reusable LED Lights

The greatest benefit of the LED light is you will be able to reuse it innumerable times. This is a great benefit, since their price tag is a little stiff, so it is vital that you be able to get your money’s worth from them. Each light utilizes 1-2 CR-2032 batteries, so that you can swap them out, after 48 hours. Remember that some of these batteries are actually capable of being recharged. This provides you with a little more convenience.

If you want to add pizzazz to any centerpiece, walkway, or aisle, you should definitely take advantage of the LED light. They are constructed of waterproof material, so you can sit them in water or hydrogel, which will definitely polish up the environment.

Corded or Cordless

When attempting to choose the right LED lights for your wedding, you should immediately know that these lights are available in two individual types, corded and cordless. Obviously, corded versions require a power source, while the cordless models operate off of batteries. As mentioned above, the battery-powered LED lights can be very beneficial, since they can be used repetitively. Of course, the battery within these lights needs to be recharged from time to time.

With the corded versions, an external power source is required. Although it is possible for each light to have various differentials, it is important to know that the majority of these must be hooked up to a 12-volt power source. For weddings, the corded versions will make the decoration a little more difficult. Typically, the batteries, within the cordless LED lights, are more than capable of providing light throughout the entirety of the wedding. Therefore, these specific versions are typically recommended.

Consider A Remote Control

Some of the underwater LED lights are capable of offering a variety of different colors. In this regard, it is vital to make sure that you’re able to adjust the color, at your beck and call. With this in mind, the manufacturers have started to develop LED lights, which can be controlled with a remote control. Surprisingly, these remote controlled LED lights aren’t much more expensive than the regular versions! Therefore, you will definitely want to consider adding this type of decoration to your centerpiece.

With the remote control, it is possible to adjust a wide range of different settings. For starters, you’ll be able to shut the lights on and off, whenever you wish. At the same time, the remote will allow you to quickly adjust the colors. Although each specific brand offers an array of different colors, some have at least ten selectable colors. The remote can also be used to adjust the brightness of the lights and even turn on different lighting effects, such as fade and jump! If you’re interested in putting together a lighted display, which is capable of making your guests stop and stare, you’ll want to go this route.

Amber Flicking Effect

If you decide to utilize the LED tea light, you will need to decide whether you want an amber flickering effect, which will provide the same ambience, as a traditional tea light candle. These are highly preferred over the non-flickering light, because the effect draws attention. You can place these inside of cylinder or Eiffel Tower vases that are filled with water or gelballs. They are constructed out of waterproof plastics, so they will not become damaged, when exposed to moisture and water.

These are perfect for wedding décor, because they will add a flashing luminescence to your wedding centerpieces. The extraordinary flicker will draw the attention of all your guests, so their eyes will be focused on your beautifully decorated reception tables. Be sure to dim the exterior and ceiling lights, so that the underwater LED tea lights will be able to work their magic.

Submersed or Floating

Remember that you have plenty of different options, when attempting to choose LED lights for your wedding. If you’re intent on using the lights around or in water, you’ll need to decide, whether you want the submersible, underwater lights, or the floating lights. Their names should pretty much speak for their specific uses. Both can create a beautiful appearance, but each will be different. For instance, the floating lights are capable of putting off more light, but it will emit throughout the venue. Whereas submersed lights will put off a dim light, which is capable of lighting up the item’s enclosure. If you’re interested in the submersible lights, you’ll need to make sure that you choose a suitable vase!

Color Changing Effect

The manufacturers of underwater LED lights have definitely outdone themselves with the color changing effect. This light is constructed with a high-quality waterproof material and a clear lens, so that the light will be bright and shiny. The round disk consists of 3-4 different colored lights, which will flicker on and off in a sequence fashion. These are perfect for large fountains and in ground pools.

The lights will automatically change colors, without you needing to make any adjustments. The light is around 6” in diameter, which is a fairly large size, so keep this in mind, before you actually make a purchase. A large water source will be required, so that they can be submersed in a coordinating manner, without the lights being too overpowering. This multicolored display will definitely fit into any wedding color scheme, so you do not have to be concerned about them appearing out of place.

A Self-Serving Centerpiece

If you’re interested in creating a cool centerpiece, which will actually prove to be beneficial and useful, you will want to consider designing a self-serving beer tub. Suffice to say, your guests are likely going to want to partake in a little bit of alcohol. By creating this type of centerpiece, your guests will be forced to marvel at your handiwork, whenever they go for a drink. Putting together a luxurious beer tub shouldn’t be too difficult and it will work excellently for your wedding.

First and foremost, you’ll need to get your hands on a beautiful and sizeable enclosure. If you’re able to find something clear, the display will work excellently. However, it is vital to make sure that the container is capable of holding water! Obviously, you’re going to need a good amount of ice, in order to keep the champagne cold throughout the night. The underwater LED lights can be used to decorate the enclosure. Although they won’t be visible so much during the day, they’ll create pure beauty, once the sun begins to go down.

Finally, you should consider adding other items to the decoration. Flowers, fruits and a variety of others decorations can be added to your self-serving alcohol centerpiece. This decoration should be suitable with an array of different wedding themes. Choosing battery-powered LED lights is generally your best bet!

Crystal Fibers & Angel Grass

You would be surprised with how many options are opened to you, when you are utilizing crystal fiber and underwater LED lights. You will be able to create some of the most delicate, luminous wedding centerpieces and other décor. The LED light will illuminate and reflect off of the sparkly shreds of grass, which will draw everyone’s attention.

Moon or fishbowls will work better for this type of centerpiece, since you will be able to fill it up with the more crystal fibers, water, and the submersible LED light. When the light is turn on, you will definitely be able to set back and admire your handy work. The angel grass is available in a limitless array of colors including red, pearl, blue, white, gold, and silver, which will be perfect for any formal event. The metallic strands will reflect light, which is exactly what you are hoping for.

Outdoor Fountain

If you’re interested in hosting an outdoor wedding, or want to decorate the exterior of your wedding venue, you’ll certainly want to consider adding an amazing and lavish fountain. With an outdoor fountain, you can create a very beautiful and romantic decoration, which will surprise your guests, as soon as they step out of their vehicles. Make sure that you consider using underwater LED lights, as a way to add to the fountains overall appearance. The lights are capable of helping you change the cool of the fountain and ensure that it is illuminated, during the night.

Indoor Fountains

Of course, fountains do not have to be overly sized and massive. Instead, they can be condensed down and miniature, which will make them more than suitable for decorating your venue’s interior. In fact, many couples have opted to using this display, as their wedding’s centerpiece. By elevating your wedding cake off of the ground or table, it is possible to stick a small fountain directly underneath. Be sure to throw some underwater LED lights into the fountain’s water, in order to illuminate the entire structure.

A Simple, But Effective Flower Vase

Not all couples want to create a lavish centerpiece, which is capable of diverting attention from the bride and grooms. Instead, they’d feel more comfortable with something smaller and simpler. In this sense, some simple, but effective flower vases can be thrown together very easily. Just make sure that you use clear vases and you’ll be able to highlight and enhance the decoration with underwater LED lights. Otherwise, the vases can be decorated as usual with flowers, water beads and gel. By creating several of these vases, it is possible to use them to decorate all of the tables, within the entire venue.

Consider a Waterfall Backdrop

There is no doubt that creating something lavish and luxurious will help to make your wedding forever memorable. However, some decorations are going to take a lot of research and plenty of time for planning. This is especially true, when it comes to a waterfall backdrop. A variety of equipment will be needed to ensure that your backdrop receives the appropriate amount of water.

Obviously, you’ll need some type of decoration to surround your waterfall. Be sure to choose accompanying decorations, which work well with the rest of your wedding’s décor. At the same time, you’re going to need a pump and tubes, which will be used to transport and pump the water to your decoration. The specific size and power of the water pump will vary depending on the amount of water that you wish to use for your waterfall. You may want to consider using a piece of Plexiglas, in order to prevent the water from splashing out and getting your guests wet!

Finally, it is vital to remember that you should draw attention to this intricate decoration, which will likely become your centerpiece. An easy way to attract attention is to use the appropriate underwater LED lights. Using the right color can force your guests to take notice!

Lighted Beach Décor

If you are planning a beach wedding, you will definitely need to incorporate the submersible LED light into the equation. There are so many ways that you can utilize the LED light and light up the entire beach, without creating a chaotic atmosphere.
You can light up the shoreline with the underwater LED light, but if you choose to do these, you should consider the string lights. The string will prevent the lights from becoming loose and floating away, which is exactly what, would happen with the wireless tea light. This stunning arrangement will definitely provide a romantic, alluring atmosphere that is perfect for any formal event.

If you choose to go this route, be sure to avoid submersing the battery back into the water, because it is not constructed out of waterproof material. You can wrap the battery pack into a sealed plastic bag and bury it into the dry sand, so that no one will be able to visually see or trip over it.

You can also bury the tea light into the sand that is near the shoreline, so they can flicker the night away. These lights will provide the perfect ambience and lighting for everyone to be able to walk around, without tripping over their own feet or others.
Another great idea is to fill vintage glass jars with water and place the underwater tea light inside of them. Bury this half way down into the sand, but scatter them out along the beach line, so that the lights will appear coordinated. Your guests will definitely be impressed by your creative mind.

Differing Heights

There are so many ways that you can arrange the centerpieces and décor on the guest tables. Many couples prefer to take advantage of the cylindrical vases with an array of differing heights. This will give your centerpieces an arrangement that will be perfect for your wedding.

You will have several different table placements available to you, but you will have to choose one that works with the reception table shape. If you are using round reception tables, you should go with the large cylinder vase in the back and surrounded with differing height vases. Another great placement idea is to arrange them by their height. For instance, sit the tallest cylindrical vase in the center and then choose a shorter vase continuing this sequence throughout the arrangement. This will have the same appearance as a group of children posing for a picture, with the tallest one being in the center.

Use Tall Floor Vases

Many couples will be interested in using LED lights, as a way to decorate the rest of their venue. They might already have a centerpiece and are looking for ways to make the rest of the venue equally stylish. With LED lights, there are more than a handful of ways to make this happen. For instance, you will want to consider using tall clear floor vases. You’ll need to make sure that the vases are secured to the floor, since knocking them over would result in a mess. However, it is possible to fill these vases with color water beads, water gel or even food coloring to give them color. By using stems and other items, the vase can be decorated even further.

Finally, underwater LED lights should be added to the arrangement to highlight the vase’s beauty. These decorations should be positioned strategically throughout your venue to provide light and beauty. Consider surrounding your walkway, or dance floor with several of these vases.

Decorate Under Your Tables

There is very little doubt that soon to be married couples are going to go above and beyond in hopes of decorating their wedding’s tables. However, most will focus on the top of the table, while ignoring the portion under it. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that your tables are fitted with the appropriate tablecloths. If you’re able to find transparent linen, you’ll be able to create a cool, romantic appearance. Some linen is transparent in specific patterns to make them more suited for this specific use. Either way, once you’ve gotten the tablecloth into place, you will want to place a significant amount of LED lights underneath the table. With enough lighting, the tables will illuminate and appear to be floating off of the ground!

Diamond Shaped

Another fantastic creation is the diamond shaped underwater LED light. This beauty will definitely add elegance and delicacy to any formal environment. If you are looking for a rich, lighted décor, be sure to keep this jewel in mind, because it will surely work wonders in your wedding event.

You can place the diamond shaped LED light into large cylinder vases, so they will be able to work their magic. This unique design will definitely shine through and the light will radiate, as if shining a light on a large diamond.

The illuminating vase will provide the perfect alluring ambience to the reception hall. Fill the vase with flowers, diamond confetti, or pearl beads to add a little extra charm to the overall design. You can also top it off with a floral arrangement that replicates your wedding bouquet.
The Casserole Bowl Centerpiece

Those couples, which are wishing to create a modern centerpiece, will want to look for a casserole bowl, which is completely clear. Really, any type of clear bowl will work in this regard, as long as it is capable of holding water. Once you’ve gotten a bowl, which is big enough to hold the attention of your guest, you will want to fill it with a good amount of water, ice, water beads and water gel. Be sure to create a display, which features colors that suit your wedding’s overall color scheme.

Once you’ve gotten the foundation built, you’ll want to begin by throwing in a few underwater LED lights to highlight the entire bowl. Afterwards, you’ll need to find suitable items, which can work well on the top. Clear, glass sculptures or ice sculptures will work very well. On the other hand, you can consider using other items, such as fruits and flowers. A bottle of champagne can also be used. Be sure to decorate the area surrounding the bowl with flower petals or something similar, which will be able to maintain the guests’ attention.


As technology continues to advance, it is likely that more and more devices similar to underwater LED lights will become available and will help couples decorate their weddings. At this point in time, the technology is sufficient and capable of serving its purpose. However, it is essential to know how to use the items and have a good idea of the final decoration, before you get started. Make adjustments and realign the lights, until the perfect ambience is established. Once everything is just right, you’ll know it and the decoration will be ready to impress!